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Jujube village: Industrial and commercial substation carries hill booth area to
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Recently, hill of jujube village city wells balanced industrial and commercial substation is carried inside area under administration make carry out feature of sham liquor shelter. Party Zhou Mou uses the characteristic that him abode concealments, buy many bulk liquor, use fill furnish undertakes dividing holding bottle fully (bucket) , and above do sth without authorization uses his to buy the label of certificate of quality such as the label of registered trade mark such as printed Beijing a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum and former oar wine, undertake selling seek interest. Execute the law personnel spot is hunted down of all kinds already stuck mark liquor 68 box, bulk liquor 18 pails (every pails 75 kilograms) , etc of brand pattern plate makes false tool, undertook detaining lawfully entirely.

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