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Chongqing selectives examination refrigerant drink 47.4 % are unqualified
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From technology of Chongqing city quality supervisory bureau learns, this bureau undertook supervisory selectiving examination at the business that the 3rd quarter basically produced refrigerant drink to whole town 2008, add up to selectived examination the 19 batch sample that the refrigerant drink of the 8 areas county such as county of area of boreal Bei area, dam of sanded level ground, Liang Ping produces an enterprise, eligible 10 batch, sampling percent of pass is 52.6% .

Selective examination this have 9 batch sample unqualified, among them 3 batch are adipose unqualified, 2 batch total candy is unqualified, content of form of 1 batch total solid is unqualified, element of 1 batch sweetness is unqualified, 8 batch are microbial unqualified, 4 batch label is tagged do not accord with a requirement. Be aimed at the main quality problem that in selectiving examination, mirrors instead, chongqing city pledges inspect bureau already enjoined each area county pledges inspect bureau presses the regulation of relevant law laws and regulations strictly, right the enterprise of off quality of the product in selectiving examination undertakes handling lawfully, deadline is rectified and reform. Take a variety of forms at the same time, positive side helps an enterprise up to search unqualified account, search significant control step, ensure food quality is safe.