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Percent of pass of quality of moon cake of Chinese current domain 9 into 8
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Chinese country is industrial and commercial the newest statistic result that total bureau announces today shows, percent of pass of quality of moon cake of Chinese current domain 9 into 8.

The country is versed in commercial firm politics manages total bureau to wait for current domain of 4 provinces city to Sichuan, Anhui, Tianjin, Beijing the moon cake that 37 distribute unit sells undertook quality monitor. In all draw-out 100 groups of sample, breed includes Beijing type moon cake, extensive pattern moon cake, Sushi moon cake to wait for the moon cake of a variety of types, involve 100 production company. Implement concerned provision of the standard compulsively according to the country, to acid value, cross oxidation value, Shan Li gross of acerbity, benzoic acid, bacterium colony, coliform group, the index such as mould undertook examining, percent of pass is 98% .

Examine to show as a result, acid value, cross the index such as oxidation value, mould to all accord with standard requirement, cake of this watch bright moon kind product place is new oil with grease, and the product was not used reclaim stuffing expects (with reclaim the moon cake acid value that stuffing makings produces, cross great majority of oxidation value, mould to exceed mark) . Monitor show at the same time, did not discover the excessive phenomenon that pack.

The country is industrial and commercial total bureau says about the personage, the result that monitor makes clear, in recent years the branch such as industrial and commercial administration increased the superintendency strength to moon cake market, obtained expectant result; Moon cake produces an enterprise to control product quality strictly, distribute enterprise is severe purchase moon cake quality to close, raised level of moon cake quality effectively.

The country is industrial and commercial total bureau warns broad customer when buying moon cake, want to buy the moon cake with label all ready standard, the surface can be examined to whether have apparent fat feeling when choosing moon cake, appearance is normative, colour and lustre is even, decorative pattern is clear, examine whether anxious paste and mildew change phenomenon. New made moon cake should be colour and lustre bright, outside and sleek, mouthfeel soft.