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Henan saves moon cake percentage of product up to standard to be 94 %
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On September 8, the reporter pledges from Henan province inspect bureau learns, percentage of product up to standard of Henan province moon cake is this year 94% , moon cake is excessive pack also get effective keep within limits.

The near future, henan province pledges inspect bureau organizes pair of Henan technically to save 141 moon cake of 18 city that save administer to produced an enterprise to undertake supervisory selectiving examination, in all draw-out 166 batch sample, percent of pass of product objective quality is 94% .

Supervisory examination makes clear as a result: Standard of industry whole quality is relatively stable, large and medium-sized enterprise and famous brand product held mainstream market. This explains, selective examination through supervising, and of the propulsion of system of admittance of food production market and moon cake relevant specification promulgate carry out, produce and manage of industry of Henan province moon cake had received a standard stage by stage, the dimensions of moon cake industry and brand got great progress.

From selective examination in light of the main quality problem of discovery, advocate if individual product crosses oxidation value to exceed label of mark, individual product,tag non-standard, have coliform of product of a batch group exceed bid.