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A drinking water returns sick at heart than feeding vinegar unexpectedly
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The near future, bureau of Guangdong province qualitative inspect is right provincial manufacturing bottle (bucket) outfit drinking water, jelly, biscuit, potato kind reach Peng to changed the product such as rice cooker of food, glasses, man-made board, toy, report to undertake supervisory selectiving examination, the result shows, the product closely related these as daily as the people lives, sampling observation percent of pass all exceeds 80% .

Bottle that selectived examination to should save 497 enterprises to produce (bucket) product of outfit drinking water 547 batch, immanent quality is eligible 464 batch, percent of pass is 84.8% . The problem of main existence is bacterium colony gross, coliform group, mould and microzyme number are unqualified, electrical conductivity is unqualified and PH value is unqualified wait. The discovery in detecting is worth in PH, share 9 batch product unqualified, among them the PH value of a bottled water is only 2.87, and we are daily the vinegar of edible, PH value is 2.9 the left and right sides, drinking water returns sick at heart than feeding vinegar actually.

Selective examination this involved provision basically is jelly, biscuit, potato kind reach Peng to change provision, the result shows, percent of pass of food sampling observation exceeds 90% entirely. Bacterium colony exceeds bid still is the main reason with unqualified food, jelly kind the problem that existence returns to exceed a quantity to add sweet element in the product. The reporter understands, element of excessive edible sweetness (annulus personal radical amino sulphur acerbity natrium) , cause the unwell reaction such as diarrhoea likely.

Respect of daily expense consumable, of glasses selective examination objective quality percent of pass is 91.6% , than last year the corresponding period increases 15.6% percent considerably, toy percent of pass is 80.6% , electric rice cooker is 93.8% , man-made board is 84% , real wood floor is 90.3% .

The discovery in selectiving examination, aborning of real wood floor also is to have heaven and earth greatly, plant in view of rare tree supply of goods is nervous with each passing day, partial manufacturer plays the game that had perpetrate a fraud unexpectedly, the tree of qualitative likeness of a few exteriors and material is planted also be planted for rare wood by coronal name in succession, come with this sudden huge profits of con consumer obtain.