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" Shi Jia " flour lead content exceeds bid
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Recently, dongguan city industrial and commercial bureau was reported grain of current domain of city of Dongguan of the 2nd quarter is oily this year the situation that quality of terminal market commodity monitors, selective examination overall percent of pass is commodity 85.7% .

This second in selectiving examination, the rice moisture content that has 6 batch exceeds bid; Camphorwood head beneficial China the company produces " develop treasure " oily company of He Changrong food produces soybean salad oil " long flourish rapeseed oil " acid value exceeds bid, easy bring about intestines and stomach unwell, diarrhoea damages liver; In Chang Pingshi beautiful flour runs a sale, 25 kilograms of outfit that by fact of city of state of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty beautiful flour company produces " Shi Jia " the metallic lead content of super essence pink exceeds bid.