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Our country never imports Canada to get the product that pollutes ripe pork indu
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On August 28, website of government of arrange of Canadian communal sanitation announced this country individual consumer because edible by Canada factory of Toronto of maple leaf company produces, the information that bed sheet adds Lisite to the ripe carnivorous that bacillus pollutes is tasted and die. After obtaining this information, the country pledges height of check total bureau pays close attention to, inform each port examines quarantine bureau strengthens pair of maple leaf companies to be defeated by China flesh kind of the product examine quarantine. Via checking, this enterprise was not obtained right China exit qualification, never also be opposite China exit product.

Be aimed at above circumstance, on September 1, beijing examines quarantine bureau deserves to sent central refrigeratory to undertake checking to food of Beijing Oriental friendship instantly, this is flesh of Beijing area entrance kind product most centralized refrigeratory. The examination shows as a result, 4 Canadian flesh of this refrigeratory distribute kind company product is given priority to with kidney of pig of aspic pig hoof, aspic, administrator spot offerred refrigeratory to enter a country goods examines quarantine proof, did not discover the product that factory of Toronto of company of Canadian maple leaf produces.