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Take medicine as the cup that change water? "Shui Yisheng " cowhide played a day
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"Take medicine as the cup that change water. " recently, so magical water cup enters the market, advertisement is done " vivid and dramatic " , and hit went out " send nice gift mid-autumn, give sb a present is born with respect to beneficial sending water " ad saying, still say in advertisement " smoke wine need not Buddhist monastic discipline, change a water cup with respect to Ok " , " gouty, calculous, drink water also can good " . However, many citizens express to suspect badly to this however, more netizen hair post oppugns his to be false advertisement.

The change of one word

[doubt] " Shui Yisheng " advertisement is too exaggerative

"Shui Yisheng " say on Nanchang advertisement, use this water cup to drink water, can hemal to heart head disease, " 3 tall " the disease of disease, gouty, intestines and stomach, calculous disease, fatty liver effect that has auxiliary cure and improvement, still can remove effectively smoke poison, wine poison, can help endocrinopathy, insomnia more much dream, neurasthenic wait for a crowd to leave thoroughly inferior health, restore green vitality. Netizen " vanward character " raise doubt, "This kind of thing is false for certain, want really in that way the hospital did not close. Want really in that way the hospital did not close..

"Gab. " the reporter is in randomly on Yang Minglu when the visit, the citizen expresses to suspect mostly. "Anyway I am to won't spend hundreds of money to buy. " citizen poplar gentleman expresses. "Such word even what does the doctor do, buy a cup to went back to go directly. " citizen introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman says: "Such advertisement is in apparently misdirect consumer, hope concerned branch is in charge of. Hope concerned branch is in charge of..

[investigate] ad saying only the change of one word

Be aimed at the condition that the citizen reflects, the reporter visited a few sales of Nanchang city on September 4 morning " Shui Yisheng " the drug-store of water cup, original, drug-store is not only " Shui Yisheng " sell, still have effect, advertisement, pack almost same " Shui Yisheng " . Reporter in Yang Minglu a drug-store sees, "Shui Yisheng " put in health care kind shop sale, cost price is 498 yuan, mobile price is 298 yuan.

The father that the reporter pretends to want to smoke all the year round is bought mid-autumn gift, merchant says enthusiasticly, drink water with cup of this kind of water, can poison of clear smoke poisonous wine, send this the most appropriate. "I look say on advertisement, with this cup, smoke wine need not Buddhist monastic discipline, still can treat gouty, stone. " the reporter expresses very curious. Merchant tells a reporter, cup bottom has natural mineral, can become average water change healthful alkalescent water, this kind of water was drunk very good to the body, "Study gouty effect particularly apparent. "Study gouty effect particularly apparent..
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