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"Aged " beer bottle when " retire compulsively " ?
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A large number of " extended active duty " beer bottle " stand fast a gleam of " , bring very big safe hidden trouble to consumer, for this, is the civilian voice that the term of service in appealing standard of modification beer bottle provides ceaseless all the time -- " aged " beer bottle when " retire compulsively " ?

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Level of beer bottle state is made clear " proposal beer bottle reclaims term of service is two years " , but the reporter investigates discovery, many current beer bottle on the market exceeded two years of time limit, the beer bottle that has the production 8 years ago even still is being used.

12315 command center directors of Zhengzhou city Huang Jing thinks, beer bottle uses time to grow too, its security drops subsequently as a result of the reason such as collision, attrition. Carry out safer B word bottle compulsively in the country hind, beer bottle often still can appear explosion, this and beer bottle extended active duty are concerned. Because beer bottle GB is medium,be not about the regulation of term of service mandatory regulation, execute the law the branch cannot undertake investigating to the beer bottle of extended active duty. To this, consumer appeals with concerned personage: Editing when level of beer bottle state, should give out clearly to using fixed number of year mandatory regulation.

The bottle that has used 8 years still in the market current

The B bottle of new this year production

Blast of 8 years old of senile bottle hurts consumer

"Produce beer bottle of 8 years to already was reclaimed to use just a little 10 times, such beer bottle quality affirms the safe level of short of new bottle. Such beer bottle quality affirms the safe level of short of new bottle..

"I just put beer bottle on the table, trashy still a lid implement prize, beer bottle exploded! " on August 30, the ground of Mr Zhao one's heart still fluttering with fear that lives in Li Zhen of temple of golden water district says: "Fortunately beer bottle has a paragraph of space from me, vitreous Cha just delimited my foot a shallow cut. If lift bottle at that time,arrive before, affirmative blast lives my eye. Affirmative blast lives my eye..
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