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Production 3 without medlar product company of Gong Ma Nao is investigated
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The reporter understands yesterday, bureau of Yinchuan city qualitative inspect is in " protect an Olympic Games, greet National Day, greet a municipality to establish celebration 50 years " 100 days special execute the law in examining the action, produced bulk food behavior to have repair to having card, among them because limited company of trade of Yinchuan red agate violates compasses production " 3 without " the product is investigated.

According to introducing, this special operation executes the law personnel key is large to 5 terminal market undertook supermarket and boreal annulus check. Because a supermarket divides the product that act the of great capacity, vermicelli made from bean starch without card, the deadline that be instructed is rectified and reform. The medlar that two supermarkets distribute produces without card, black agaric, Xianggu mushroom, by the place punishment with different ground distrain.