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100 % accord with plum town tap water wholesome standard
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On September 4, our newspaper and numerous multimedia reported " unfinished of source water quality amounts to drinking water of town of Guangzhou of introduction of concerned chief of bureau of province environmental protection, Shenzhen, Meizhou completely mark " after the circumstance, cause Meizhou the high attention of broad citizen, meizhou municipal Party committee, municipal government also takes seriously highly. Recently this city organizes the special subject analysis that holds about the branch technically to be able to go up, the reporter learns, tap water of Meizhou the city zone the source reachs the issue such as drought as a result of flood discharge, put in manganese minim to exceed mark issue for a time really, but the problem already got be settlemented in time. Head office of bureau of Meizhou city health bureau, environmental protection, tap water, environment detects many controller such as central station and relevant expert express clearly: Irritated close high mountain?00% of this   accords with a country " standard of sanitation of life drinking water " , the citizen can be at ease drinkable.

Water quality of drinking water source already amounted to mark entirely since Feburary

Controller of Meizhou city health bureau tells a reporter, water of drinking water source is to point to fountainhead ground the natural water without processing, the tap water fountainhead of Meizhou the city zone began to furnish by the drinking water source of the library of cool and refreshing landscape that is located in plum county Xi Yang to press down all the time 2003. Tap water leaves factory the distinction of water and water of drinking water source depends on:  of  of  of Ping of this  of  alliance  high mountain У of cattail of zinc of pilfer of Huang of this  б is troubled by attack classics of? of Che of  of wingceltis of Qiao of  ひ camphor tree detects about the branch the ability after complete qualification becomes tap water to leave factory water is defeated toward the innumberable families. All the time since, of waterworks of Meizhou the city zone leave factory water 100% accord with a country " standard of sanitation of life drinking water " .

It is reported, this city labels library of cool and refreshing landscape drinking water of Meizhou the city zone after source ground, strengthen zoology construction, punish to shut the measure such as contaminative source through afforestation, carry out drinking water of cool and refreshing hill actively National People's Congress of protection of source water quality is second reading, come true and ensured library of cool and refreshing landscape is drinkable stability of fountainhead water quality amounts to mark. This year January, the relevant function branch such as environmental protection is in when to drinking water of library of cool and refreshing landscape the source selectives examination, the result shows " manganese minim exceeds bid " , 28 index all accord with the others national level, this city concerns a branch to mirror to superior instantly.
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