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100 % accord with plum town tap water wholesome standard
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As we have learned, last year " 6 · 9 " after big calamity passes, the discharge generosity of library of cool and refreshing landscape increases apparently, add Spring Festival around lasts this year arid, reservoir store water measures acute to decrease, bring about was opposite about the branch January reservoir ground floor is statified the discovery when examination extraction water " manganese minim exceeds bid " (by standard of potable water the content of every premium manganese is in 0.1 milligram less than is eligible) . In the light of manganese light precipitation is in of reservoir ground floor actual, library of cool and refreshing landscape increased discharge capacity through bottom contain, began water quality of library of cool and refreshing landscape to return to normal Feburary, overall index all is stabilized amount to mark.

Craft of the convention that make water can handle manganese minim to exceed mark issue

Does minim of occurrence manganese of drinking water source exceed mark to you can affect tap water to leave factory is water safe? Chief of head office of town tap water says, the tubal net that the source grows through 16 kilometers from library of cool and refreshing landscape carries Meizhou drinking water after tap water company, will pass reaction, precipitation, filter, the science such as disinfection makes water technological process processing, minim of manganese of complete in this process OK and complete processing exceeds bid. In addition, in-house water quality still will be accepted before tap water leaves factory hierarchy of control and of the outside system that monitor all-around monitor; Exterior accuse a center every months to be opposite by city disease the raw water that take a plant, leave factory water, water tubal a network undertakes detecting, announce on media detect circumstance; The city environment center that monitor stands every months to also undertake to library of cool and refreshing landscape all-around the analysis is monitored.

See on the report that the reporter monitors net Meizhou to monitor a station to offer in water quality of water supply of provincial capital city, this year 1 to August, bridge water works leaves factory on the west water, east premium factory leaves factory water is divided percent of pass stipulated for 99.64%(country percent of pass is 95% above July) outside, other month leaves factory integrated percent of pass all is hydration rules and forms of classical poetic composition, water quality 100% . City environmental protection monitors a station to concern the expert making water of engineer and tap water company to think consistently: ⒘ of  of  of this  Ы chops Bai Yue  an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise is taken sigh  attacks 9 E ひ touchs   Che moth is pure the ぷ that kill V high mountain  of  of this  С growing permanent teeth provides dinner for citizen of? of file of scandium deputy Beng can be at ease drinkable!

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