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Poisonous toxin of unidentified origin flesh floods the market
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A flesh poisonous toxin ever was called by beauty parlour announce " hairdressing removes the drug that knit a god " . By July, poisonous toxin of this kind of flesh is labelled by medical superintendency branch noxiousness medicines and chemical reagents, strengthened monitoring management. But the reporter discovered recently, of a large number of unidentified origin " fleshy poisonous toxin " flowing into the market sadly, and fashionable at the plastic hairdressing orgnaization with greatly little capital.

Plastic orgnaization is popularized energetically as before

Be included poisonous poison of the A that noxiousness medicines and chemical reagents manages flesh, be faced with more strict control to management behoove from production. However, reporter course investigates discovery, orgnaization of numerous hairdressing plastics is extremely non-standard still to the use of A flesh poisonous toxin, put in great and safe hidden trouble.

Came 4 days on September 1, the reporter investigates discovery, in orgnaization of plastics of hairdressing of Beijing much home, inject flesh poisonous toxin is divided knitting still is advocate one of projects that push. "Except knit a needle " , " thin face needle " the conduct propaganda that the pronoun of poisonous toxin of these two flesh also appears in orgnaization of plastics of a lot of hairdressing again and again book, be being popularized energetically as before.

On September 4, hospital of long island of Beijing Yi beautiful Er piece of surname the staff member introduces to the reporter, this courtyard offers inject of fleshy poisonous toxin to eliminate knitted service as before. With day, a of Yi Meier happy hospital plum surname a staff member to also express, this courtyard can undertake injecting dividing knitting. According to saying, the fleshy poisonous poison that two courtyards place uses is toxin of poison of the Heng Li A that institute of Lanzhou biological product produces flesh. In addition, orgnaization of Beijing Yi Meishang plastics and orgnaization of hairdressing of a few lives also say, can offer fleshy poisonous toxin to undertake dividing knitting, the product is as before " poisonous toxin of Heng Li A flesh " .

"It is very difficult that normal now omnibus hospital wants to take fleshy poisonous poison, it is common plastic hairdressing orgnaization what is more,the rather that, more did not carry life hairdressing orgnaization " . On September 5, dermatologist of an omnibus hospital reveals Beijing Haidian division, market of fleshy poisonous toxin is troubled now, very much sham product flows into the market. Introduce according to this doctor that does not wish to disclose a full name, the channel of replenish onr's stock of the channel of replenish onr's stock of fleshy poisonous toxin of orgnaization of hairdressing of a few plastics and omnibus hospital differs completely, the quality of its kinds or types of goods is very accordingly suspectable.

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