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Poisonous toxin of unidentified origin flesh floods the market
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On September 4, su Mingshan of doctor of vice director of dermatological department of hospital of Beijing ZhongGuanCun plastics introduces, from July since the bottom, the management of A flesh poisonous toxin is quite rigorous, in the hospital " prescription can drive one person only stitch, dosage is in 100 units, and cannot store in section office, use situation need is registered everyday " .

However, on September 4, advisory division of a bright red surname represents department of customer service of outpatient department of hospital of long island of Beijing Yi beautiful Er, there is what limitation when Yi Meier gives client inject flesh poisonous toxin, "Any time can be hit " .

Antecedents of supply of goods is unidentified

Although the flesh is poisonous of toxin " except knit " the function did not obtain domestic attestation all the time, but use this kind of remedy secretly " go knitting " , in group of domestic hairdressing plastics already was open secret. After medicines and chemical reagents of the noxiousness that be brought into manages, the fleshy poisonous toxin that supplies through normal channel because by rigid limitation amount is limited. However, the supply of fleshy poisonous toxin of orgnaization of plastics of the hairdressing on the market did not see little, does the so-called fleshy poisonous toxin on those markets come from He Fang after all?

On September 3, the reporter sees what much home offers poisonous toxin of Heng Li A flesh sell the home on the network, and the kinds or types of goods that all weighs oneself is quality goods, say to Beijing orgnaization of hairdressing of much home plastics offers money. One sells the home to express even, can offer the fleshy poisonous toxin that comes from France to the reporter. Reporter inquiry is informed, the fleshy poisonous toxin that appears on the market in home via allowing at present, do not have France of one's previous experience.

In addition, a lot of claim to act as agent of product of A flesh poisonous toxin sell the home active also go up in the network. 4 days, the reporter was contacted clean out on treasure one the name is " romantic houseful 0202 " Beijing sells the home. Should sell the home to express, poisonous always of poison of offers Heng Li A flesh accuses at traditional Chinese medicine oneself.

However, this version that sells the home did not get traditional Chinese medicine accuses confirm. On September 4, traditional Chinese medicine controls a Beijing limited company a staff member introduction, this company " A flesh poisonous toxin already be in short supply is very long period of time " , this staff member still emphasizes, after including noxiousness management of medicines and chemical reagents, any units should take A flesh poisonous poison, must show medical establishment business certificate. And " romantic houseful 0202 " straight-out however, oneself just opened an acupuncture studio, be not medical establishment.

In fact, a flesh poisonous toxin is in not only medicines and chemical reagents is wholesale industry occurrence shortage, manufacturer home also flowed into the market to undertake to its strict accuse. On September 4, country is only poisonous toxin of a normal A flesh produces an unit -- advisory place of poisonous toxin of A of institute of Lanzhou biological product flesh a staff member introduction, need the unit of replenish onr's stock, must show medical establishment business certificate bright. "Advocate battalion course is hairdressing plastics only, won't allow is purchased " .
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