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Poisonous toxin of unidentified origin flesh floods the market
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Supervise management board to combine Ministry of Public Health to was released on July 21 according to national provision medicines and chemical reagents " the announcement that manages about including noxiousness drug A flesh poisonous poison " , a flesh poisonous toxin produces a business situation of plan of production of year of poisonous poison of beard general A flesh, production and newspaper seat is provincial when appointing agency to reach medical inspect branch puts on record, the case that assigns manufacturing company agency reports medical inspect branch. In addition, according to the regulation, medicines and chemical reagents is wholesale the enterprise can sell preparation of A flesh poisonous toxin medical establishment only, without designation drug management enterprise does not get preparation of poisonous toxin of A of purchase and sale flesh.

Cannot use at hairdressing

Even if uses poisonous poison of the A that normal channel obtains flesh, many hairdressing plastics orgnaizations offend a country however relevant provision, use fleshy poisonous toxin to be a client " except knit " , " thin face " .

On September 4, safety of medicines and chemical reagents of bureau of national medicine inspect superintends department special drug supervisory office a staff member expresses, the fleshy poisonous toxin that appears on the market in home at present approves get used to card and do not have " except knit " . Reporter inquiry is informed, poisonous toxin of two A that at present domestic approval appears on the market flesh protects appropriate comfortable with Heng Li, basically apply to the adult patient such as eye face convulsion, face flesh convulsion and certain strabismus to wait, do not have hairdressing " except knit, thin face " project.

Basis " the announcement that manages about including noxiousness drug A flesh poisonous poison " , medical establishment doctor ought to wait according to manual of medicines and chemical reagents of A flesh poisonous toxin gets used to action of card, pharmacodynamics mediumly open prescription.

To this, yi Meier grows the staff member of insular hospital to say, did not obtain this announcement, state the hospital serves as normal medical establishment, can use fleshy poisonous toxin to undertake dividing knitting, thin face. As to prescription open, undertake natively by cure " operation " . Nevertheless, insular hospital grows in Yimeier, afore-mentioned bright red surnames seek advice from division the face that seeing a reporter, after letting a reporter make a few simple motions, it is OK to made a reporter " thin face of poisonous toxin of inject A flesh " judgement, weigh the word that is willing like the reporter, can arrange a doctor to open prescription and have injection.

A 12320 staff member expresses Beijing health bureau, according to national regulation, medical establishment is getting used to card A flesh poisonous poison is used in limits, if have,violate should undertake condemnatory according to relevant provision.
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